Powerful Stranger

As told by Cathy Glover, Director of Community Investment at Suncor Energy in Canada, who told her story of systems change at the Wayfinder.

Rather than text, Cathy would like to direct to people  to some of the videos on their website at www.suncor.com . The following videos are specific to their work at the Suncor Energy Foundation and the Gathering event that changed their strategy.  There is also the social goal page on the web that states the aspiration and where people can hear the goal in Cree.

There is also a video of the 2014 trip to the Indspire awards.  'One of the many reasons that our leadership was ready to support the social goal was that since 2002 we had been involving them in activities like these annual trips with Aboriginal youth from our key operating communities to attend the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards.  Over the years we have hosted over 250 youth and their chaperones (usually teachers) to locations across the country to celebrate the accomplishments of Indigenous leaders.  On this video you will hear and see several of our Indigenous employees and our senior leaders (including a Suncor board member from Beaver Lake Cree Nation) speak about the experience and their hopes for the youth.' 

'My hope is that people will continue to listen for the ‘Powerful Stranger’ and also recognize that sometimes that comes from within people in industry.  If there is not a willingness to engage then we can’t really find a way into the ‘messy middle’.  If there is a willingness to engage and have the courage to speak, then there is the possibility of influencing an entire system to change.

Kelsey SpitzCathy Glover